Small Business Website Design Tips

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When everybody is online and trying to get noticed, it might seem hard to stand out. But it’s really not, and if you spend some time (minutes, really) every day on improving your online visibility, you can be seen by more potential clients and extend your reach. Very few small businesses have the time or … Read more

What is Cloud Storage, and does it work for Small Business?

Google data center with servers

Although Cloud storage has become a widely used term, many of us are still not entirely sure what it means to put your data “in the cloud.” Get answers to the following questions in simple terms: What is “the cloud”? Is cloud as secure as keeping your files on-site? What are its pros and cons? … Read more

When to update computer software?

Cat sitting next to an updating Mac

You have compiled a mental list of tasks in your head, ready to tackle them and have a productive day. The computer gets turned on, and… oh no, not another “update pending” pop-up – how annoying. Best case scenario, you run the update, and it finishes in a minute, mercifully allowing you to get back … Read more