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Help Desk Support

Protek-IT’s certified and experienced IT professionals will quickly and reliably solve any technical issue you might have.

Our Chicago-based team offers friendly, fast and professional help to ensure you can get back to running your business.

Microsoft 365

We understand the urgency to solve critical IT problems quickly, so our onsite techs are available for dispatch in the Chicagoland area during business hours. 

Boost the collaboration between your employees and never fall behind on your competitors with the help of pros.

IT Consulting

Protek’s IT consultants fill gaps in your tech knowledge, modernize aging IT infrastructure, and plan for maximized productivity and cost-efficiency that is tailored for your small business or nonprofit organization.

Our IT consultants will manage or support your IT project, and advise you on anything tech.

Cyber Security

A comprehensive cyber security plan tailored for a SMB helps minimize potential risks and protect your business data.

A customized security plan is affordable and gives you the peace of mind you need to focus on running your business, all the while keeping your client data safe.

Backup & Business Continuity

We provide an efficient plan B if your business suffers an outage, hardware breaks, or your employees’ devices get infected with malware.

Our local data specialists will protect your data in the cloud or in an on-premises server to ensure your business data is safe.

Business Phone System

Using the right VoIP system for your business size and type allows you to automate your client workflow and look more professional while reducing costs.

Our skilled VoIP engineers set up a modern phone system (we specialize in 3CX and Teams Phone), train employees and provide ongoing support.

The Protek-IT difference

Lower IT costs

Hiring in-house IT Support staff is costly and requires overhead. With Managed IT Support, you get the benefits without the high price tag

Less workload

Your staff won't need to worry themselves with technical issues, leaving them free to focus on their crucial tasks.

Access to IT experts

You can think of us as an extension of your business, bringing valuable know-how and consulting skills to your company

Improved workflows

We don't just fix what is broken, we also find bottlenecks and work on making your operations smoother and faster with tech

Safeguarded data

We focus on protecting and backing up your critical business data that many small businesses often neglect

Why Protek-IT

No surprises. Ever.

Outsourcing IT support covers all areas of business, so you can accurately plan your bottom line

Rapid response.

Idly waiting to get your issues resolved is not only frustrating, but also hinders your employees’ productivity

Consistent security strategy.

We protect your business data from disasters, hackers, viruses, data loss, theft, and more

Plan for your business growth.

Our Chicago IT experts provide consulting to create tailored IT solutions that help your business grow

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What our clients are saying
Protek-IT led a communicative and straightforward process to ensure a seamless project management experience and provided a personable approach.
Gillian Wineman, Chicago Bungalow Association

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