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How much should you be paying for IT Support?

What is included in your IT Support package?

Which IT Services do you need and which can you go without?

We are transparent and honest about our Managed IT Services prices so you can see exactly what you’re getting and choose the best option for your business.

Providing competitive and simple per-user (or per-project) pricing for IT Support gives you the flexibility you need for a growing business.

Base IT Support Service Rate

If you prefer the convenience of on-demand services, where you can simply reach out whenever you encounter an issue without a monthly IT Support Package, we’re here to help!

Our base rate for IT Support is $165 per hour, with a minimum of one hour. The base rate applies from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Travel charges and parking (if applicable) will be included in the invoice when dispatching a technician onsite.

After the initial hour, our billing works in your favor, increasing in 15-minute increments. You only pay for the time we spend resolving your issue, ensuring efficient and cost-effective IT Support.

  • Basic
  • Essentials
  • 360
per device/month
per user/month
per user/month
Workstation Remote Monitoring & Management

Monitoring and managing your devices remotely to ensure security and avoid snowballing issues.

Workstation Documents Only Cloud Backup

Keeping your most important documents safely backed up in the Cloud.

IT Documentation Portal

Organizing and providing structured access to important IT documentation.

Network Monitoring & Management

Monitoring and managing your network for optimal performance and security.

End-user Help Desk Support

Providing expert help to resolve any technical issues quickly.

IT Environment Monitoring & Management

Monitoring and managing your IT environment for optimal performance, increased productivity, and security.

Quarterly Business Technology Reviews

Regular meetings to review your IT status and plan the next steps.

Dedicated Account Manager

Get a dedicated account manager for personalized support and IT consulting.

Compliance Audit Support

Providing technical help with compliance audits to ensure your business meets requirements.

Full Workstation Cloud Backup

Keeping all your crucial data safe and easily accessible in the Cloud.

24/7 Server Monitoring and Alerting

Continuous server monitoring and instant alerts help avoid downtime or snowballing issues.

Physical Server Cloud Backup

Keeping physical server data safe and easily recoverable with Cloud backup.

VM Cloud Backup

Securely and quickly backing up and recovering Virtual Machine data in the Cloud for peace of mind and disaster recovery.

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Proactive threat hunting, incident response, and alerts reduce the risk of data breaches.

Employee Security Awareness and Training

Providing education and security awareness programs to reduce the risk of successful cyber-attacks.

Simulated Phishing Campaigns (recurring)

Recurring simulated phishing campaigns improve overall security posture and reduce the risk of successful attacks.

Weekly End-user Cybersecurity Micro-Trainings

Providing consistent training improves employee cybersecurity awareness and behavior.

Annual Cybersecurity Assessment

Identifying vulnerabilities and providing recommendations for remediation.

Dark Web Monitoring & Alerting

Detecting and responding to compromised employee credentials on the dark web.

Vulnerability Scanning and Management

Discovering and fixing security weaknesses with regular scanning and prioritized remediation.

Cybersecurity Insurance Assistance & Eligibility

Providing expert assistance and ensuring eligibility for cybersecurity insurance claims.

Enterprise Password Manager

Securely managing and protecting access to sensitive information.

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Management & Support

Reducing the risk of compromised accounts and unauthorized access, plus simplifying user authentication with fast support.

Enhanced Email Security

Advanced spam and phishing protection helps protect business reputation and reduce the risk of legal liability.

Microsoft 365 Monitor, Manage & Support

Providing regular updates and patches, expert support, and continuous monitoring for any issues.

Microsoft Email, OneDrive, SharePoint Backup

Backing up Microsoft email, OneDrive, and SharePoint to keep your data secure and your business running.

3CX Management/Support

Ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and enhanced customer experience with VoIP.

Teams Phone Management/Support

Providing seamless and reliable management and support services for your Teams Phone System.

VoIP Licenses/Hosting

Helping you save costs and increase efficiency with our VoIP licenses and hosting.

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