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Secure your business with award-winning smb cyber security

We understand the unique challenges of small businesses and offer tailored solutions. No generic approaches here; we take the time to understand your business and provide the right strategies to keep you safe.

Protek-IT’s comprehensive security plans cover all the bases. 

  • Thorough training to empower your team
  • With top-notch data backup systems, you’ll know your important business information is securely stored
  • Our threat monitoring keeps a watchful eye for any signs of trouble, so we can act swiftly if anything arises
  • Our compliance audits ensure you meet industry regulations and standards

50% of all cyber attacks specifically target small businesses

We don’t use a cookie-cutter cyber security plan; we get to know your business thoroughly before providing a plan.

A comprehensive cyber security plan tailored for an SMB helps you minimize potential risks and protect your data. A customized security plan is affordable and gives you the peace of mind you need to focus on running your business.

Risk management

We conduct Vulnerability & Threat assessments and find the weak spots and security flaws in your network and devices, then provide remediation and a plan for the future.

Industry-recognized antivirus

Protek-IT uses BitDefender enterprise-level antivirus for threat prevention and detection, which help identify and stop brand-new attacks.

End-user training

Employees often unknowingly let criminals in their systems, so we conduct regular phishing training and dark web monitoring for all employees.

Microsoft Security solutions

We utilize Microsoft Defender for Business to secure and protect your work data, enable multi-factor authentication to your business accounts, protect you from phishing, and more.

Full support and management

We don't just set up your security software and wave goodbye. We are there in case of any questions, evolving threats, or threat exposure.

Data backup

The techy saying 'two is one, and one is none' is important in security. We protect your business and minimize risk, but always provide you with a plan B and back up all your important data.

Why Protek-IT

Dependable IT Support.

Your business relies on technology to function, but you’re not an expert in all things tech. Our IT experts know tech in and out – and provide expertise dependably, so you don’t have to chase them around and wait for them to respond for hours.

Simple, Flat rate pricing.

We customize each and every IT package to your specific needs, but we offer basic packages that cover all important parts of your business, so you know you’re covered.

Local team of experts.

Our skilled and experienced Chicago team is well-versed in every aspect of tech. We work hard to provide a holistic approach to your technology and explain everything in layman’s terms, so you can make the most informed decision about your business.

Practical Technology insights.

As your IT team, we keep track of your infrastructure and any changes to your tech stack so you always have a clear overview of what you pay for. We’ll inform you of any noticeable bottlenecks and allow you to prepare for updates well ahead of time.

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What our clients are saying
Protek-IT easily cut the number of phishing emails in half. Prior to their involvement, we had three breaches where people were identifying as legal employees.

Since they came on board, we’ve had zero cases.
Eaglerail Container Logistics

Frequently Asked SMB CYBER SECURITY Questions

We send monthly phishing simulation emails to employees to keep them sharp about social engineering attempts. The simulations are accompanied by training videos, which walk each employee through the tell-tale signs that someone is trying to impersonate a person in power or otherwise gain unauthorized access to sensitive data. 

We also keep all employees aware of any credentials that have leaked to the Dark Web and ask them to follow password creation best-policies (complexity requirements, good password hygiene, no reusing, etc.)

The manager(s) at your work also have access to employee safety scores, so everyone is on the same page and we can focus on the most vulnerable employees.

No, you should only use one antivirus at a time. Not only will two or more antivirus programs make your device much slower, it can cause false positives and conflicts in software.

Just make sure the one you’re using is a good one — especially when it comes to business devices!

The details of our tailored solutions depend on your specific business type and even industry, but in general, we can break the it down as follows:

  • Identify risk priorities
  • Conduct penetration testing to detect security flaws
  • Remediate security threats with improved network configuration and modification
  • Train employees on phishing and social engineering
  • Provide ongoing threat monitoring and analysis
  • Act on immediate threats to neutralize any danger
  • Provide a compliance audit, if needed
  • Design and maintain a disaster recovery solution
  • Implement cloud-based security features
  • Proactively protect your devices

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