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IT Support for Chicago Manufacturing Businesses

Our team is intimately familiar with the future of production and manufacturing, which relies heavily on technology — specifically the IoT (Internet of Things), data security, and automation.

We help your manufacturing company in Chicago improve efficiency by implementing data protection, stabilizing and enhancing networks, supporting employees with technology, and providing a clear path for automation and business growth.

Increase productivity

Don’t let technical issues stop your workflow. Keep up your production standards.

Optimize tasks

Streamline and automate manufacturing tasks and improve collaboration between employees.

Stay protected

Implement secure and reliable networks that support your expansion.

Improve infrastructure

Innovate and modernize your manufacturing systems and software to increase your bottom line.

Why Protek-IT

Dependable IT Support.

Your business relies on technology to function, but you’re not an expert in all things tech. Our IT experts know tech in and out – and provide expertise dependably, so you don’t have to chase them around and wait for them to respond for hours.

Simple, Flat rate pricing.

We customize each and every IT package to your specific needs, but we offer basic packages that cover all important parts of your business, so you know you’re covered.

Local team of experts.

Our certified and experienced team is well-versed in every aspect of tech. We work hard to provide a holistic approach to your technology and explain everything in layman’s terms, so you can make the most informed decision about your business.

Practical Technology insights.

As your IT team, we keep track of your infrastructure and any changes to your tech stack, so you always have a clear overview of what you pay for. We’ll inform you of any noticeable bottlenecks and allow you to prepare for updates well ahead of time.

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What our clients are saying
We switched to Protek-IT after using another IT company for 10 years. The difference was amazing!

Protek-IT streamlined all our services, and fixed problems that we did not even know we had. The team is terrific, courteous and incredibly responsive.
John F. Serritella, Chicago Anodizing Company

Why Choose IT Support for your Manufacturing Business

Why Protek-IT

Smooth & Streamlined operations.

Our team ensures critical devices and systems are running efficiently around the clock, so you don’t have suffer from any downtime in production.

Communications between departments.

Fast communication between manufacturing floors and other business departments will streamline your operations and makes it less likely for something to fall through the cracks.

Protecting what’s important.

We protect your data while allowing manufacturing plant employees to use technology fully. Securing data and keeping tabs on it doesn’t mean it should be hard to access.

Maximized product output.

Enable maximum product output with optimized technology that works for you, not against you.

Our Services for Manufacturers


Your manufacturing business is reliant on a stable network connection — the PROs will monitor and manage your network to ensure minimal interruption to work.

Instead of juggling between several vendors to get back up, you can leave it to our support engineers – from patching and updates to troubleshooting and incident management.

Cloud/on-premise backups

We help back up your data and applications either on the Cloud or on premises to ensure you won’t suffer from catastrophic data loss.

Automated retention policies, safe data storage, and an efficient data recovery plan help meet compliance standards and enable you to focus on your work.

Help Desk Support

PRO’s responsive and efficient unlimited Help Desk support helps employees with any tech issue they might come across.

We work diligently to ensure your company has the right tools and know-how needed to make the best decisions that are aligned with your goals.

Virtualization & Cybersecurity

Virtualization helps utilize hardware in an efficient, affordable and easily scalable way.
Running multiple applications on the same (virtualized) device helps divide resources effortlessly, provides portability and decreases expenses while opening up resources for more meaningful work.

VoIP System Setup

The scalability provided by 3CX VoIP and Microsoft Teams Phone allows manufacturing companies to create a fully mobile workforce.

We can help set up a VoIP system that reliably connects offices, factories and remote employees for a fraction of the price of a traditional phone system.

Software support

Setting up network cameras and security systems help protect your manufacturing plant and offices.

The PROs will help configure and wire the best security solutions for manufacturing plants that are advanced and privacy-oriented, such as door access sensors, HD surveillance cameras, CCTV, and alarm systems.

What we ask in your discovery call

Problems & Issues

What portion of your IT infrastructure causes the most issues in your day-to-day? What do you consider your organization’s biggest bottleneck?

Your current setup

Which CRM software do you use? How many employees/members/volunteers does your NPO have? How do you collaborate? What data protection do you have in place?

Performance check

Do you keep track of your KPI? Do you have metrics from previous years? What would you like to improve?

IT Costs

Are you successfully managing IT costs? What costs the most in your current IT infrastructure? Do you have unexpected bills or when was the last time you were unpleasantly surprised?

Current IT Support

Who maintains your current IT infrastructure? What causes stress for the leadership team and employees?


How is your organization and member data secured? Have you ever had breaches? What type of data do you store?

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Manufacturing Business

IT challenges and solutions for a Manufacturing company for precise industries with over 40 employees. Manufacturing Business IT Challenge The Chicago-based manufacturing company specializes in

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