Industries we Serve

Manufacturing IT Support

IT strategy and robust IT solutions designed to increase manufacturing efficiency, streamline your operations and improve delivery speed.

We partner with manufacturing companies in Chicago to provide tech solutions that scale with your needs and production volume to help leverage technology.

Protek-IT protects the processes and data in your manufacturing business, helps leverage big data and achieve regulatory compliance.

Nonprofit IT Support

Protek-IT helps your nonprofit stay within budgetary constraints while reaching your donors and members. Our nonprofit IT Support services are designed to maintain compliance and keep your donors’ data safe.

Communicating effectively and actively (by using appropriate software) with your stakeholders and internally collaborating with your colleageues will drive your iniatives and mission.

We support mission-driven organizations with fast and affordable unlimited Help Desk support, and implement a data compliance/security plan.

Logistics IT Support

Speed and planning is crucial in logistics — keeping up with high demand requires deep understanding of your business processes, tools and statistics.

Using customized solutions for logistics companies, we focus on managing your infrastructure proactively to keep your supply chain running and up-to-date while staying well within your budget.

Fast communication between employees, full integration with your software and automating administrative tasks provides faster service and transparency.

Law Firm IT Support

A tailored approach for legal services that strategizes for your growth, puts emphasis on sensitive data security and delivers the latest industry best practices.

Managed IT for law firms keeps line-of-business applications running, secures data with multi-faceted security packages and provides crucial cyber security compliance.

We implement secure backups for legal documents that can be easily shared between employees that will simplify work, and provide unlimited Help Desk services to support your client’s high demands and keep your business running.

Engineering IT Support

Strategic planning, optimized workflows and well-supported specialized software that improve engineers collaboration and enhance the user experience.

We implement and provide support for high-performance workstations that can handle the requirements for CAD-software and have sufficient processing power for high-demand file editing.

Securely stored file backups, proactive management and user-friendly collaboration tools make teamwork easier and protect your business from security breaches and malware.

Construction Company IT Support

Finer project management, cloud file sharing and skilled IT Support allow employees to access client data securely from the field or the office, and collaborate more efficiently.

We provide extensive IT and cybersecurity assessments specifically for growing construction companies and partner with Microsoft 365 to ensure easy scheduling, convenient collaboration and management for all your devices — on the go.

Our excellent IT Support ensures all employees are secured and able to use software without any issues.

Real Estate IT Support

Leverage technology to speed up your day-to-day tasks, support and communicate with your clients, and protect sensitive data.

We implement and support new technologies in the dynamic world of real estate development to make sure you don’t fall behind your competition. We equip you with a comprehensive disaster recovery plan that includes data encryption, secure backups, and social engineering training.

You can rely on Protek-IT as your dependable IT partner, turn to us with any issue and gain a strategic IT plan for the future.

Financial IT Support

Regulatory compliance and state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions protect your clients’ confidential data and eliminate administrative overhead.

Excellent and fast Help Desk support for accounting and tax software (QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, PeachTree) helps reach deadlines and use business-specific solutions more efficiently.

We ensure you are able get work done without any hiccups, especially during the time-sensitive tax season and provide your clients with unmatched security and compliancy.

Why Protek-IT

No surprises. Ever.

Outsourcing IT support covers all areas of business, so you can accurately plan your bottom line.

Rapid response.

Idly waiting to get your issues resolved is not only frustrating, but also hinders your employees’ productivity.

Consistent security strategy.

We protect your business data from disasters, hackers, viruses, data loss, theft, and more.

Plan for your business growth.

Our Chicago IT experts provide consulting to create tailored IT solutions that help your business grow.

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