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You probably have good reason to not want to be in the Cloud. Some businesses prefer to keep their data at-hand and securely tucked away, but still need to collaborate with colleagues and share files quickly.

Using inefficient methods of file sharing and collaboration can be detrimental for your business. It is frustrating not to get any work done because you’re desperately trying to find the newest version of a document or find the latest comments on an important file. A well-maintained server eliminates the back-and-forth.

Not having a central, easily manageable file-sharing system can hurt your company in the long run by making it difficult to share ideas within the company and making the files vulnerable to theft or misuse.

Why Protek-IT

Dependable IT Support

Your business relies on technology to function, but you’re not an expert in all things tech. Our IT experts know tech in and out – and provide expertise dependably, so you don’t have to chase them around and wait for them to respond for hours.

Simple, Flat rate pricing.

We customize each and every IT package to your specific needs, but we offer basic packages that cover all important parts of your business, so you know you’re covered.

Local team of experts.

Our certified and experienced team is well-versed in every aspect of tech. We work hard to provide a holistic approach to your technology and explain everything in layman’s terms, so you can make the most informed decision about your business.

Practical Technology insights.

As your IT team, we keep track of your infrastructure and any changes to your tech stack, so you always have a clear overview of what you pay for. We’ll inform you of any noticeable bottlenecks and allow you to prepare for updates well ahead of time.

Effortless collaboration

Fast and easy collaboration on documents increases productivity and gets projects out faster

Data safety

Your clients' and business data will be securely stored and protected, so you don’t have to worry about data leaks or theft

Simple & secure data access

Being able to access all your secured files easily will streamline your workflows

Reliable data backup

Setting up a dependable data backup gives you peace of mind and provides you with a plan B if something goes wrong

Plenty of storage space

Using a NAS or personal server can give you lots of space to store your files without a per GB/high price tag

Our Server & Network Services

Preventative server maintenance

Server maintenance includes software patching and updates to ensure you are up-to-date and will always have access to your server when you need it. We monitor server hardware and resources remotely to detect any anomalies and work to solve them.

Antivirus & security management

We make sure your server is protected from any malicious attempts and make sure your antivirus is always working at full steam.

Creating sufficient security groups helps keep track of access to files and remove access quickly.

Server administration

You can forget about having to recall how to add new users, troubleshoot access issues, or set up new access or folders.

We will take care of any changes to employee access and administrate everything using the principle of least privilege.

Server troubleshooting & management

We do everything to avoid issues, but we also know tech can be finicky. We dispatch onsite technicians to troubleshoot server issues, if needed. We’ll get you back up and running even if everything does go wrong and your server stops functioning as usual.

Server or NAS relocation

Need to move your server or NAS and don’t just want to wing it?

We’ll devise a plan to help you move the server as painlessly as possible to minimize downtime and potential issues during the move.

Server upgrades & restoration

We maintain typical server updates, but upgrading to a new version can come with it’s own set of difficulties.

We prepare for an upgrade and always have a plan B to restore the server, so you can rest easy, knowing your data is safe in our hands.

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The folks at Protek-IT have been great. Knowledgable, and committed to keep at it until they figure out and fix any problems -- typically in a very timely manner.
Susan Gidel, Susan Gidel Astrology

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