Microsoft Planner 2024 Features for Efficient Business Management

For small business owners and managers, managing a seamless operation requires more than just hard work; it demands effective tools that integrate daily tasks, project timelines, and team collaboration into one streamlined workflow. Microsoft has been a go-to source for such tools, with its array of applications like Planner, Microsoft To Do, and Project for the Web helping keep business … Read more

DMARC Alert: Secure Your Email Against Google & Yahoo’s Crackdown

Are you noticing an uptick in conversations around email authentication? There’s a good reason for it. With the growing number of phishing attacks, protecting your business email deliverability has never been more critical. These attacks are the leading cause of data breaches and have been for some time. Email service providers are now making email … Read more

What Is Microsoft Security Copilot and Should You Use It?

Today’s small businesses are tasked with analyzing vast volumes of data and responding to security incidents quickly and precisely. The multifaceted nature of protecting a company’s cybersecurity posture can be daunting. Microsoft Security Copilot is an innovative tool using generative AI capabilities designed to offer insights, empowering your team to comprehensively improve your network’s defenses. … Read more

Are Smart Home Devices Spying On You (Experts Say, Yes)

Smart home devices are becoming fixtures, offering unmatched convenience and efficiency. Yet, a recent investigation by consumer watchdog Which? casts a shadow on these gadgets, revealing potential privacy breaches and surveillance risks. Let’s dissect these concerns and guide small business owners through safeguarding their privacy – whether at work, or at home. The Unseen Eyes … Read more

Key Findings from the 2023 Cybersecurity Trends Report

Strong cybersecurity is not just a necessity but a lifeline for every business. As online threats become more advanced and dangerous, and our reliance on technology deepens, the potential consequences of a breach get more serious. We’ve seen that the biggest security vulnerability often stems from common mistakes, such as using simple passwords and neglecting … Read more

Be Careful When Scanning QR Codes

Originally invented to streamline the tracking of parts in the automotive industry, QR codes have undergone a remarkable evolution. They are now not just a tool for inventory management but have become an integral part of modern marketing and information sharing across countless industries. Their simplicity and versatility allow for a direct connection to digital … Read more

5 Important Cybersecurity Predictions for 2024

Every year, the digital landscape changes, introducing new challenges and breakthroughs. In 2024, it’s crucial for every business, regardless of size or industry, to keep its finger on the pulse of cybersecurity trends. Adapting to these changes is key to protecting your company or organization. We’re witnessing a shift driven by cutting-edge tech, increasingly sophisticated … Read more

VoIP: Better Communication for Small Businesses

In the fast-paced small business environment, efficient and reliable communication is more critical than ever. Small businesses, in particular, need to leverage technology to stay competitive and responsive to their customers’ needs.  This is where Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services prove beneficial, especially when managed by experienced Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Focusing on popular platforms like … Read more

Addressing the Dangers of Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are like the Swiss Army knife for your web browser, offering everything from ad blocking and password management to boosting productivity. With over 176,000 options available on Google Chrome alone, it’s easy to get carried away and clutter your browser with tools you barely use.  While these add-ons can improve your browsing experience, … Read more

How Social Engineering Bypasses MFA and What You Can Do About It

In cybersecurity, the sophistication of technology and human ingenuity often collide, especially when it comes to protecting your business. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a significant barrier against unauthorized access, yet it’s not impenetrable. Cybercriminals are increasingly leveraging social engineering techniques to sidestep MFA, exploiting the most vulnerable link in the security chain: human psychology. Let’s … Read more