Paying your invoice

PRO currently accepts the following payment methods:

1. Pay online
You can conveniently pay your invoices online at The billing platform is passwordless, so you need to type in your email address and you will receive a login link to access your billing dashboard. If you don’t receive an email or don’t think you have an account, please email and a PRO will get you set up.

2. QuickPay/Zelle
Make a payment in the amount shown in your invoice to Protek-IT’s Zelle or QuickPay account — our associated email address is

3. Send a check
Please make the check payable to PRO Computers, LLC. Our address is 5019 West Lawrence Avenue, Chicago, IL 60630.

4. ACH
PRO’s ACH info is as follows:

Account number: # 756377750
Routing: # 071000013
JPMorgan Chase Bank

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