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Adding Payment Method to Billing Portal

1. Log into the Protek-IT Billing Portal at pay.teamprotek-it.com.

The Billing Portal is passwordless, so you only need to type in your work email address. You will receive a magic link that you can use to log in. 

If you don't receive a link, please call 773-907-0600 or email billing@teamprotek-it.com.

2. Once logged in, navigate to Payment Methods on the left-hand side.

3. You have two options for payment methods:

  • Credit Card (2.9% transaction fee for Mastercard and Visa, and 3.5% transaction fee for American Express)
  • ACH/bank account (no added fees)

4. Save your payment method. If you have several cards/bank accounts linked, please select the default option that will be used if you have automatic payments enabled.

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