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Protek-IT Support

Creating an account

You can request access to your Protek-IT Self-Service Portal, where you’ll have access to: If you are an existing Protek-IT...

Creating a Help Desk ticket

Protek-IT has three convenient options for PRO Care clients to create a ticket and enjoy fast IT Help Desk Support....

Paying your invoice

PRO currently accepts the following payment methods: 1. Pay onlineYou can conveniently pay your invoices online at pay.teamprotek-it.com. The billing...

Adding Payment Method to Billing Portal

1. Log into the Protek-IT Billing Portal at pay.teamprotek-it.com. The Billing Portal is passwordless, so you only need to type...

On-Demand, No-Service Agreement Pricing

For those times when you need immediate IT support but don’t yet have a managed IT support plan in place,...

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