Case Study

Manufacturing Business

IT challenges and solutions for a Manufacturing company for precise industries with over 40 employees.

Manufacturing Business IT Challenge

The Chicago-based manufacturing company specializes in manufacturing, machining and selling high-precision components, with clients in the military, aerospace, medical, and automotive industries. The company is looking to expand to a second location shortly before contacting us.

The business is investing in innovative manufacturing technologies to stay ahead of the pack, but is starting to fall short on using IT efficiently. They can’t afford a full-time in-house IT team, but need to leverage infotechnology to collaborate, work with clients, and keep growing their business.

Their biggest issues they struggle with are as follows:

Network disruptions

Frequent network disconnections caused by an antiquated network infrastructure

Complex user management

As the business is expanding, the employees can't keep up with managing users and devices efficiently

Difficult collaboration

A missing central file storage system makes it difficult to share files between employees

No IT team

Everyday IT issues are piling up, and employees don't have a central resource to turn to

Lacking IT security

IT security is an afterthought, and all employees are doing what they think is best instead of following uniform security guidelines

The Solution

The manufacturing company reached out to Protek-IT for our reputation in the Chicagoland area, our specialization in small business IT support and affordable rates. Our team started by analyzing how each part of their manufacturing business works closely together with IT.

We put together a plan of what changes would help drive business growth, minimize security threats and administrative overhead.

Two business men working at a Chicago Manufacturing company

Local file server

Keeping files securely on-premise was important to the client, so Protek-IT's engineers implemented a local file server that offers a centralized, conveniently accessible, and secure location for their sensitive business data.

Our team worked closely with an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) consultant to blueprint, configure and deploy an on-site Windows 2019 Server that will host the company's critical Global Shop ERP system, which is the lifeline of the business.

Domain controller

The business was vulnerable to security threats, such as malware infections, ransomware, or phishing attempts), so we configured a domain controller to authenticate users and provide better controlled user access. The domain controller also allows to manage users from one central hub, minimizing administrative overhead.

The domain controller was set up on a Windows Server to provide authentication to users, allow fine control over user groups and permissions, and allows central management of network devices, such as printers.

Email migration

We migrated all of the company's email accounts from GoDaddy's legacy email provider that was lacking in security features to Microsoft 365. This switch allowed us to lower the general operating costs and enabled security features that were previously lacking.

We configured 2 Factor Authentication for an extra layer of security and synchronized the on-premise Active Directory users with the users in Microsoft 365 to make user management simpler.

Monitoring, maintenance, and Help Desk

To ensure a seamless workflow for all employees, we set up the manufacturing company's workstations and servers with Protek-IT's proactive maintenance and antivirus packages. This layer of protection ensures all hardware issues are caught before they snowball and that the devices are adequately protected from malware.

The packages include unlimited Help Desk support, so employees can call with any questions or issues they need troubleshooting, freeing them from spending time on small IT issues.

Backups and disaster recovery plan

We set up secure on-premise and in-cloud backups in case of a primary data failure and to keep file history for better control. The PROs developed and implemented a disaster recovery plan for the mission-critical business infrastructure and software: the domain controller, file server, and ERP server.

The disaster recovery helps minimize the possible interruptions to critical processes and helps avoid revenue loss and downtime.

Network upgrade

Protek-IT's technicians set up six new Wi-Fi access points to get full coverage throughout the office including creating a separate VLAN for VoIP to segregate, optimize, and secure network traffic. Our wiring technicians traced and labeled all cables and devices for simplify troubleshooting and upgrades.

Network maintenance along with network upgrades and segmentation eliminates standstills due to network outages or other connection issues.

The Results

Cost reduction

Moving away from GoDaddy's email tenant helped the company save costs each month. Unexpected standstills in manufacturing also contribute to savings as work is not halted for IT issues

Increased business protection

A disaster recovery plan, on-premise and in-cloud backups and proactive maintenance along with domain controller authentication and 2FA provide security and peace of mind

Easier collaboration

The central file server allows employees to easily and securely share files between each other and helps create an environment of collaboration

Access to IT talent

Unlimited Help Desk support allows employees to get instant assistance with technology. Protek-IT's skilled multi-tiered team maintains up-to-date secure documentation on business processes and solves any IT issue fast and efficiently