The IT vulnerabilities that can cost your business

Cybersecurity is a must for any company — it’s about plugging the gaps that could leave you exposed to cyber criminals and safeguarding your reputation.
No matter the size of your organization, taking cybersecurity seriously is non-negotiable. If not, you’re leaving the door wide open for criminals.

Take the University of Sunderland, for example. They faced what seemed like a run-of-the-mill IT problem, something they’d fix in no time. But in reality, they were under attack by cybercriminals. The fallout was serious: online classes were scrapped, employees were locked out of emails, phones were dead, and their website was knocked offline.

Your business could be in the same boat faster than you think. The twist here is that a breach isn’t just a disruption. It can bleed your finances and land you in legal hot water.

The solution? Regularly put your systems to the test. This article breaks down what you need to watch for to keep your business safe.

The six IT vulnerabilities you can’t ignore

Vulnerability #1 – Missing Endpoint Defense

Surprisingly (and shockingly), many organizations skip setting up endpoint defenses like antivirus tools. These defenses are the gatekeepers against cyberattacks; your servers are like sitting ducks without them. The old-school antivirus platforms are not cutting it anymore, as tech-savvy criminals have figured out ways around them.

What’s worse, some popular programs can’t spot unusual behavior or handle larger-scale attacks. We recommend investing in modern endpoint defense tools that offer next-gen antivirus, behavioral analysis, and response capabilities. These tools catch the bad stuff and offer flexible ways to stop it in its tracks.

Vulnerability #2 - Broad User Account Access

Limiting access for software users is like locking doors to vulnerabilities. Less access means less harm in case of a breach. If your company doesn’t bother controlling who gets in, it can be like leaving your house unlocked.

Avoid this by granting access only to the team members who truly need it. And don’t let new accounts or employees have all the keys because it’s quicker – prevent them from having admin-level access. This way, you keep the keys safe from the wrong hands.

Vulnerability #3 - Weak Credentials

Your passwords and usernames are the keys to the castle, and cybercriminals know it. They can easily trick team members into giving up these credentials through phishing. Once they’re in, they’re in. 

To tackle this, set up strict password controls and ensure your employees use them. Use longer, complex passwords and change them regularly. Following these rules makes it much harder for cybercriminals to gain entry.

Vulnerability #4 - Open Network

Cybercriminals love a messy network where they can slip in through the cracks unnoticed. That’s why network segmentation matters — it keeps your systems separate and secure.

The issues happen when your network is not being monitored and segmented. Fix this by focusing on controlling access within subnets and building strong detection strategies. And watch for strange activities like odd DNS lookups or unusual system-to-system communication.

Vulnerability #5 - Configuration Mistakes

Mistakes in system setup can be goldmines for cybercriminals. If you leave settings like setup pages and usernames to their defaults, you’re basically inviting them in. 

Prevent this by tightening your configuration process and using automation when you can. Compare settings to best practices, and you’ll spot potential threats before they become problematic.

Vulnerability #6 - Weak Security Standards

Ransomware is the modern-day highway robbery. Cybercriminals lock up your data and demand a ransom for the key. The price can be steep, often in the thousands, and they often don’t give you access, even after you pay.

Protect your data by staying up to date with security standards and sticking with trusted software providers.
In the world of cybersecurity, knowing your weak spots is the first step to shoring up your defenses.

Keep these six vulnerabilities on your radar and give cybercriminals a run for their money.

Safeguard your organization with Protek-IT

Running an organization in today’s world without strong cybersecurity is like navigating stormy waters without a compass. The risks are just too great – from losing crucial data to tarnishing your reputation.

Every reputable organization or business needs solid defense strategies – if your current IT provider isn’t up to the task, you’re playing Russian roulette with your business’s safety. Pouring money into security tactics that don’t deliver? That’s a bad bet.

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Article used with permission from The Technology Press.