Pro – Technology Professionals
is now Protek-IT!

It’s the year 2023. It has been 20 years since PRO was established by Florian Militaru, a young man who decided to start his own company after unsuccessfully trying to land a job at his new home — Chicago.

What started as a one-man operation from a ‘home office’ and lots of onsite visits made with just a screw driver and desire to help people, grew into a storefront in Andersonville. 


PRO Computers original logo
Original PRO Computers logo with tagline

Fast. Reliable. Professional. Some things never change.

The computer shop grew and more techs were employed, first just one person to help Florian with the influx of computers, which were still a pretty new thing. Then two, then three. 

Pro Computers started to win the hearts of small business owners lining North Clark street, and Florian discovered himself giving more business IT advice instead of just fixing computers.

Year 2013. With more and more business clients, Pro Computers was pivoting towards Small Business IT Support services, with a side of residential computer repairs. 

This is when PRO – Technology Professional was born — separating the simple computer repair from the increasing complexity of business technology.

PRO – Technology Professionals

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Previous Pro - Technology Professionals logo

In ten years, Pro Computer had become the trusted source for Chicagoans’ computer repair and small business support. We focused on supporting small businesses with 10 or fewer employees, as well as residential computer repair services. 

The staff at Pro – Technology Professionals grew to be over 10, with Florian still in charge of a new sprawling Jefferson Park office and storefront. We continued to provide business services, such as Microsoft support, Help Desk support, and web design. 

Our name was starting to sound longer and less catchy by the day, and we realized we need a better way to show what we’re all about.

How do you show clients that you provide efficient, reliable, and personal IT Support from the first second? And how can we separate computer repairs from an established Managed IT Services Provider we have become?


We stopped offering computer repair services in 2021, and moved to become a full Managed IT Services Provider to Chicago businesses and nonprofits. We needed a name and a logo to make it stand out and make us feel like the brand we had become.

Protek-IT (previously PRO – Technology Professionals) is now Chicago’s premier Managed IT Services Provider, supporting hundreds of Chicago small businesses and nonprofits.

We still occupy our spacious Jefferson Park office to provide award-winning IT Support and help clients make the most of their business.

At PRO’s 20th birthday, this is a big step that feels like it was right on time, and we are so excited to help other small businesses reach success, grow, and create a legacy.

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