5 Ways to Balance Productivity with Security

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35% of data breaches originate from compromised login credentials, highlighting the urgency of addressing authentication security.

Fortunately, solutions are available that strike a balance between security and productivity. Organizations can achieve both objectives by adopting tools that improve authentication security while prioritizing convenience. 

These solutions ensure the authentication process remains robust without burdening users, leading to a safer and more productive work environment.

Enhancing Security: Smart and User-Friendly Approaches

Improve User Experience with Contextual Authentication Rules

Finding the right balance between Business IT Security and convenience is easier with contextual authentication rules. Recognizing that not all users require the same level of authentication, this approach allows organizations to target specific users who need an extra layer of security.

For instance, if users access the system from within the company’s premises, they inherently have a certain level of trust. On the other hand, if someone attempts to log in from a foreign country, it might raise security concerns. Contextual authentication, combined with multi-factor authentication (MFA), enables organizations to implement useful tailored security measures for different scenarios

By leveraging contextual factors such as:

  • time of day
  • location
  • device used
  • time of the last login
  • type of resources accessed, and more,

companies can seamlessly verify users without inconveniencing those who log in from familiar locations during regular hours. This approach strikes a balance between bolstering security for potentially risky logins and ensuring a smoother user experience for the majority.

Simplify Access with Single Sign-on (SSO) Solutions

Your employees most likely use a myriad of applications daily, leading to repetitive authentication procedures and user frustration. The solution lies in implementing a Single Sign-on (SSO) solution, which streamlines the authentication process for multiple applications into a single login.

With SSO, employees log in just once and gain access to all their necessary applications, reducing the need for repetitive MFA actions. This not only boosts security by encouraging users to adopt multi-factor authentication but also significantly improves user satisfaction and productivity.

Authenticate Effortlessly with Device Recognition

Using an endpoint device manager to automate authentication security protocols is the key to balancing security and convenience.

The first step is registering employee devices within the endpoint device manager, which makes it possible to set up essential security rules. These rules may include automatically blocking unknown devices, ensuring only trusted devices can access the network.

Implementing device scanning for malware and automated updates fortifies security without impeding productivity. This automated approach to device recognition offers a seamless user experience while improving the overall security posture.

Streamline Access with Role-based Authentication

Ensuring the right people have access to the appropriate resources can be accomplished by role-based authentication. This method allows organizations to assign specific access levels and authentication requirements based on an employee’s role.

For instance, a shipping clerk may need access to certain systems and data, but their requirements might be less stringent compared to the accounting team, which deals with sensitive customer information. By employing role-based authentication, organizations save time during the onboarding process for new employees. Admins can define permissions and contextual authentication factors just once, and the system automatically applies them once an employee’s role is assigned.

The result is a more efficient and automated process, reducing the likelihood of human error and ensuring each employee has appropriate access privileges.

Enhance Convenience and Security with Biometrics

Biometric authentication presents a convenient and secure way to verify users’ identities. This type of authentication uses unique physical traits such as fingerprints, retinas, or facial scans, eliminating the need for manual input and reducing authentication time to just a few seconds. As a bonus, you don’t need to remember yet another password.

While biometric hardware costs might be a consideration for some organizations, implementing biometrics can be phased in over time. Starting with the most sensitive roles, companies can gradually introduce this advanced authentication method. 

Many applications now integrate facial scanning, enabling users to authenticate using their smartphones, which tends to be a more affordable alternative to adopting biometric security.

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Article used with permission from The Technology Press.